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What are the features that PaaS providers must have? 21 July 2013

Do you want ability to push application to cloud in minutes? Scale to multiple intances wihtout configure load balancer? Deploy without downtime? The future of web development will be like this with the PaaS.

However, since this industry still new and recently just have few PaaS providers start to enter this space to compete, the features of the PaaS still incompete and some critical features need consider when design and develop new PaaS platform. In this post, I will list down all of the features that PaaS must have in future to really make the PaaS to be the developer’s choice.

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Cloud Foundry V2 Hosted Developer Edition Review 16 June 2013

Cloud Foundry just moved to general available as paid service witn trial of 60 days of 2GB of RAM. During developer preview of Cloud Foundry, they operate under VMWare and now moved to Pivotal as paid service. Let see what CLoud Foundry provide to developers in this new raising PaaS industry.

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Stop Create Business That Add Service To Amazon Web Service 13 March 2013

With recent Amazon Web Service (AWS) announcement that new service to their cloud, some of the might companies will be out of business. For example AWS just announced a NodeJS support for their Elastic Beanstalk. In future AWS definitely will adding more service to compete with current providers out there. Which at this point is compete with PaaS providers out there.

If you just think about a business that add value to AWS, you can stop it now. Because you don’t know when AWS will have plan that add that service to their huge platform and bring you down. So is time stop for bootstrap/startup a company that provide additional service to AWS and think something else.

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How To Update AppFog App With Scheduled Downtime Page 20 January 2013

Appfog is one of the fast growing PaaS providers out there, however, some of the feature is not available yet, for example, a custom page to show during scheduled down time. This is one of the feature request, please vote it to make sure AppFog will implement this ASAP.

In this post, I will describe how to make your own maintanance page, so let’s get started.

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How to backup PostgreSQL to localhost at AppFog 04 January 2013

AppFog, Inc. is the leading platform-as-a-service provider of PHP, Ruby, Node.js, and Java solutions. Used by developers worldwide to deploy tens of thousands of applications, AppFog delivers a reliable, scalable and fast platform for deploying applications in the cloud. AppFog is a private company headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

In this post, I will teach how to backup PostgreSQL database to local. So let’s get started!

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PaaS Comparison: AppFog vs Heroku 30 September 2012

Recently I have been playing PaaS for test thing out, and with recent General Available of AppFog, PaaS providers’ competition become more interesting. In this post, I will compare AppFog with a mature PaaS provider, Heroku.

So, there are many people think, what are their primary features that make you stick to particular PaaS provider? Lets do the comparison using case study.

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PaaS Performance: AppFog vs CloudFoundry 03 September 2012

Recently PaaS (Platform as a service) is new technologies that grow rapidly, to provide a platform let developers focus on creating awesome application/website instead of configuring/maintaining servers. In this fews weeks, I was playing around two PaaS, which are CloudFoundry and AppFog. These two PaaS provider is really awesome, and CloudFoundry is open source PaaS that available on github and AppFog is based on CloudFoundry.

In this post, I will do a simple load test againts these two provider using Apache Benchmark, to see which one is performance better, and the result is surprising. The load test I doing is againt a simple Java web application available on at here. The main reason I use this simple application is because AppFog currently is having issue with Java application, thus I only can use the sample provided by them. I deployed same application to both of the provider. For AppFog, I deployed to AWS Virginia DC.

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