Java Websocket API With Custom Decoder

27 October 2013

Java JEE7 now support Websocket with realtime bidirection communication from server to clients. The websocket API provide extendsible API to build custom decoder to decode message from client.

In this post, you will learn how to use java websocket API to build custom decoder.

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JPA 2.1 Update Criteria That Support Bulk/Partial Update

18 September 2013

JEE 7, the latest relase of JEE now is available with JPA 2.1. JPA 2.1 new features include Store Procedure support, and bulk update via CriteriaUpdate.

In this post I will describe how to get started with JPA 2.1’s CriteriaUpdate to perform bulk update or partial(single field) entity update.

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Deploy Springframeworka and JPA 2 Quickstart to Cloud Foundry in Minutes

09 August 2013

Get started with complex Java Spring Framework and JPA 2 (Hibernate) is slow and time consuming. While Ruby On Rails provide tool to generate project in seconds to quickly start a new Rails application, why not build a Java quick start template that alrady configured all necessary configurations? Getting started with Java web development is tedious and time consuming is not execuse anymore. I will describe how to get started with Java web development in minutes and deploy to Cloud Foundry.

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What are the features that PaaS providers must have?

21 July 2013

Do you want ability to push application to cloud in minutes? Scale to multiple intances wihtout configure load balancer? Deploy without downtime? The future of web development will be like this with the PaaS.

However, since this industry still new and recently just have few PaaS providers start to enter this space to compete, the features of the PaaS still incompete and some critical features need consider when design and develop new PaaS platform. In this post, I will list down all of the features that PaaS must have in future to really make the PaaS to be the developer’s choice.

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Cloud Foundry V2 Hosted Developer Edition Review

16 June 2013

Cloud Foundry just moved to general available as paid service witn trial of 60 days of 2GB of RAM. During developer preview of Cloud Foundry, they operate under VMWare and now moved to Pivotal as paid service. Let see what CLoud Foundry provide to developers in this new raising PaaS industry.

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Java JEE7 JPA 2.1 Stored Procedure Example

25 May 2013

JEE 7, the next release of Java Enterprice for large application will include a new enchanced JPA 2.1. JPA 2.1 now have native support for stored procedure. Folllow this blog post to know how to use soted procedure in JPA 2.1.

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JEE7 WebSocket Example

18 May 2013

JEE 7, the next release of Java Enterprice for large application will include a standard WebSocket API for create realtime communication channel over a single TCP connection. The realtime communication allow server to push message to clients in realtime. This tutorial will teach step by step to create a realtime chat program using JEE7 WebSocket API. There are two ways to using JEE7’s WebSocket API, one is using annotations and another is using normal OO concept to extend classes. This tutorial will mainly focus on using annotations based API.

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24 April 2013

JEE 7, the next release of Java Enterprice Edition for large application will include a standard JSON API without using third party JSON API such as [][jsobn-org]. Is time to use standard API for Java web development.

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