Stop Create Business That Add Service To Amazon Web Service

With recent Amazon Web Service (AWS) announcement that new service to their cloud, some of the might companies will be out of business. For example AWS just announced a NodeJS support for their Elastic Beanstalk. In future AWS definitely will adding more service to compete with current providers out there. Which at this point is compete with PaaS providers out there.

If you just think about a business that add value to AWS, you can stop it now. Because you don’t know when AWS will have plan that add that service to their huge platform and bring you down. So is time stop for bootstrap/startup a company that provide additional service to AWS and think something else.

AWS is More Than Just IaaS (Soon)

The giant busisness that host thousand of online services such as Reddit, NetFlix still innovating with their platform by adding more services and lowing price. At some point of future, I think they will add some services on top of current platform after they finish innovate on infrastructure. For examle, now they start to adding more services on top of EC2 such as Elastic Beanstalk which is management service (kind of what Platform as a Service doing out there) that supporting Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby. I think soon new language will be added (Which language you want? Maybe can requst to AWS).

With recent announcement, AWS added AMI Copy for Amazon EC2 that enables you to easily copy your AMIs across AWS regions. If one of your business value is able copy AMI across regions seamlessly, now this feature is not special anymore.

Not only Amazon is giant company, their low price is a killing factor that will bring your business down. Unless what you doing is a critical service that have customers willing to pay more.

But Not So Soon

However, AWS will not adding so much services that no other business can add service to their platform. PaaS business might have some worry since Elastic Beanstalk look like is compete with them. For now Elastic Beanstalk still not much features, however, you cant guarantee in next 2-3 years they wouldn’t catch up. As you can see Heroku’s innovation in this few years, nothing much changes except they added Database as a Service using Postgresql which is awesome product. But at some point AWS might add Postgresql to their Database as a Service as well right? We can’t eliminate this possibility since MySQL (as RDS) is available on AWS.

Keep Innovating

Of course not only AWS compete with some provider out there, competition is everywhere. Burger King compete with McDonald, your company with other company. In IT world, you can keep innovating your product to gain/retain customers.

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