How Internet Scammer Setup Scam

I come across a site that displayed a intersting ads, earn money from home, so I clicked the ads. Then I landed a page. After have a look on the page, I immediately know it is a scam. In this post I will describe how they scam.

The landing page is at here. WARNING: Do not submit your credit card infromation.

Fake Famous

One way to trick victim is to make the offer is so famous that it appear on your country’s news. On this landing page, I notice there is one “AS SEEN ON” section which display my country’s newspaper publishers.

Internet Scam with Client Datetimem

After open the image in new tab, I notice the scammer use country specific “AS SEEN ON” images. So there are several fake famous images as following:


Internet Scam Fake Famous Singapore


Internet Scam Fake Famous Thailand


Internet Scam Fake Famous Indonesia

Fake Expire Date

One tactic I notice is the expired date of the offer, which is dynamically generate via JavaScript, thus the expired date is always next day. This make the victim fall in the trick to get the offer before expired.

Internet Scam with Client Datetimem

Fake Comments

Futher to trick victim, the scammer created few fake comments to indicate it is really work.

Internet Scam with Fake Comments

Ask For Payment

After click some links, it finally come to a page mention for one-time payment. After click to get started, it link to a payment page ask for credit card details. Then victim will finally fall in to their scam.

Ask for Payment

Internet Scam with Ask for Payment

Ask for Credit Card Information

Final step is to trick victim to fill in credit card information.

Internet Scam with Ask for Payment


Don’t ever submit your credit card to untrusted party.

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