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Better URL for SEO for E-Commerce and Dynamic Website 11 May 2013

Want better SEO for your e-commerce and dynamic website? Want to increase organic search for your e-commerce and dynamic website? This post will shows how to build better URL for your website and increase sell and better page impression.

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You Should Get Web Designer for Your Enterprise Application 09 March 2013

A lot of enteprise web applicaions still using iframe and the html code is a mess. When doing maintenance, developers feel pain in the ass when modify the style and html. It is time to get a web designer for enterprise application, right now!

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Fulltext Search on Jekyll Site 06 March 2013

I power my blog using jekyll, a static blog generator. Recenty I saw a javascript full text search engine, lunr that really awesome. So I integrate into my blog and now my blog have full text search capibility! Awesome! So in this blog I will document and describe how I did it.

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How Internet Scammer Setup Scam 10 February 2013

I come across a site that displayed a intersting ads, earn money from home, so I clicked the ads. Then I landed a page. After have a look on the page, I immediately know it is a scam. In this post I will describe how they scam.

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